Veteran VVell-Being Lab


As an educator, I have been impacted by self-determination and positive psychology theories on my teaching methods. I believe that fostering positive emotions enhances students’ learning experiences and academic performance. When students are intrinsically motivated and autonomy support is provided, they may feel safe and motivated to explore and engage in classroom activities and appreciate the challenge, excitement, and joy of learning. I had very intensive clinical training with multiple internships and practicums at well-known federal, state, non-profit, and community rehabilitation and mental health agencies. 


I highly value social justice and multiculturalism in my teaching and mentoring. I always seek opportunities to involve first-generation minority students into my research projects. I have mentored graduate students to teach them critical thinking, deep thinking, conceptualization, and research in rehabilitation counseling, mental health, and public health. My students and I have been successful in achieving our research lab goals with limited resources. 


If you are interested in joining our Lab, please reach Dr. Emre Umucu. We love having new team members and fresh ideas. Please see Lab’s current students below.